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Dancing With Sheila E

As surreal as it might seem, I have had the opportunity to dance with Sheila E and The Family, not just once but twice in my lifetime.

Sherry Farra and Teresa Wright

The first time was on stage in Birmingham, Alabama and the second time was in Costa Mujeres at Sheila’s White Party.

The night after I had dinner with the band in Birmingham, they arranged to get me a seat at the Performing Arts Center for the show.

I had absolutely no idea that mid-concert, the ultra talented Lynn Mabry would dance over to in front of me and literally point me out to come up on stage. I didn’t even see her. The lady beside me had to get my attention to go up!

When on stage, I stood by Eddie Mininfield the sax player and I just have no words. We all jammed to my favorite song, “Love Bizarre.”

In Costa Mujeres, the event was planned and anticipated. It was the White Party in Cancun!

A full moon was rising over the island, guests wearing a variety of all white attire, and a drone overhead was capturing our fun.

Dancing in line to great beats, gathering with old friends and meeting new ones, it truly was a moment in that glamorous life!

The entire entourage from Oakland to the Minneapolis sound was glowing in their white attire getting down on the South winds.

Here’s some of the drone footage and a photo gallery from the evening.


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