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La Loca In Costa Mujeres Opening for Sheila E

“Your guitar is not coming through,” said the music tech into my headset.

Teresa Wright on stage opening for Sheila E in Costa Mujeres 2019

30 Seconds to showtime opening for Sheila E in Costa Mujeres!

Stressed but focused, the techs throw me a new 8-foot guitar cable. There goes the 25-foot cord. Ugh!

Performers know the pain. The cord is too short for much moving around, but I had to make it work.

10 seconds to LIVE!

The custom bass, keys and drum track starts.

I am performing and singing a medley of “You’ve Got the Look” and “Kiss” written by Prince.

I took comfort that on stage left was the fabulous DJ, @Itslaloca (Sharon Montero) dancing to the groove. She was encouraging the crowd to dance, too, and they did!

We were all hyped knowing that Sheila E., the iconic Queen of Percussion would be up next.

As the final notes fell from my guitar, backstage became a mix of celebration and euphoria as LaLoca brought Sheila E. to the stage.

These moments create the soul of music and its power to inspire and connect us all.

I truly was humbled to have the opportunity to work with such talented musicians, and oh what wonderful friends were made.


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