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The Meeting | Touring with The Voice Vern Gosdin

Updated: Mar 23, 2021

Touring with The Voice - A collection of stories about traveling the country on the “If You’re Gonna Do Me Wrong, Do It Right” tour with Vern Godin, The Voice, 1984.


“The Meeting”

This is the story about the first time I met Vern Gosdin before the audition to join his touring band.

I was the newest member of an all girl band called Lynn Moon and Georgia Peach along with my friend Carla Bryant.

The front woman of the trio, Lynn Moon McAllister was daughter of Mike L. Moon, Georgia entrepreneur, friend of Elvis and once owner of the Stamps Quartet.

One of our first gigs was opening for legendary country music icon “The Voice” Vern Gosdin.

Lynn, Carla, and I excitedly gathered with Vern, his wife Beverly Gosdin, and Mr. Moon for introductions.

As Vern was told I was a guitar player and loved bluegrass, he gave that big smile and then laughingly asked me to show him my hands.

He wanted to see if I had the callouses on the left hand to prove that I’m really a guitar player!

I did indeed have the callouses, and shortly after, we played him our set right there at The Music Barn.

We met Vern’s entire band that night, and plans were made for the upcoming show in Pigeon Forge, TN.


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Vern's song "If You're Gonna Do Me Wrong Do It Right"

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Absolutely LOVE this opened for Shelia E? As in PRINCE'S (SHELIA E)?


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