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Erin Barra Music Technology Education | Women In Tech

When you think of an audio engineer you may not think of a woman behind the controls!

At Berklee College of Music in Boston Erin Barra was the Associate Professor of Songwriting and the first tech instructor for the electronic recording software Albeton Live. Erin is a forerunner in teaching Ableton at Berklee College of Music for online students.

I earned my certificate in Ableton Live under Erin’s course at Berklee, and my favorite part of the course was connecting with her ability to start the students off with a methodical approach.

Go TECH! It was so exciting to merge creativity in music with my IT experience and my passion for music!

I personally return to Erin’s course to touch up or refresh my Ableton skills every few months.

Here’s a sample of some of work on SoundCloud for a specific TV Film instrumental need: ==========

The majority of my daily work is songwriting, guitar, and writing with

with Amanda Colleen Williams, 17 multi-platinum RIAA® awarded Nashville Songwriter (Artist, Publisher, Owner at Songpreneurs LLC Nashville, TN) on our latest creations for upcoming singles & EPs.

I love rain drops and roses, BUT Music, Songwriting, Production, and Tech – these are a few of my favorite things! 


Listen to the latest single by Teresa Wright and follow her on Spotify here -

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